Friday, August 13, 2010

Summer Hiatus

Here is the problem that I have discovered with the blog...once you start one people who love and care about you are wanting to read all about your life. Just one problem, there isn't any time to sit at the computer with your feet up and type about the lazy days of summer when you have 2 children, crazy as ever, pulling you in a million different directions. Now several of you out there have more than 2 children and are probably mocking my attempt at sympathy so be it...I have decided that if network television can take a summer hiatus then so can I.

Here is the quick version of the past several months (quick because my little girls will be up any minute)

June-The month began with high expectations of going into labor and everyday that expectation, eh, more annoyance grew. Now my actual due date wasn't until June 13th, but I had convinced myself and everyone else that Zya would be coming in May...she had her own ideas! I tried everything under the sun to make her come and she wasn't moving. I was finally induce on June 11th and the beautiful little bug arrived at 9:56pm after 7 painless pushes! As soon as she was out I had my bags packed and was ready to leave the hospital but the doctors frown upon delivering the placenta at home...I understand that as more children come the longer the mom wants to stay at the hospital and I look forward to days of amazing hospital food and nurses coming in every 20 minutes to check my blood pressure. The recovery has been great mostly in part to the miracle recovery tool...the squirt bottle. I know that my friend Heide is dying to get another one of her own! Zya has been the most amazing baby. She sleeps! Now this is a great departure from my crazy little Halli! Zya is such a happy baby and she fits perfectly into our family!

July-My little Halli turned 2! She received everything Elmo. We had a great time in Burley over the 4th of July, the Rupert parade was Halli's first and she loved it. She had so much fun playing with her cousins! I had some nursing issues; most of you know that I seem to be a champion "nurser". I have been doing it for quite some time and I consider myself to be a pro. The month of July was ushered in with black and blue boobs filled to freak show capacity of milk. One of the reasons, besides complete insanity, for me to justify nursing Halli throughout my pregnancy was thinking that having milk already would avoid all of the uncomfortableness. Well my friends my best laid plans blew up in my face! I hate to ever admit that Eric is right but he was! The reason for the bruised nips were because little Zya was tongue tied(it's way common and has been fixed) and wasn't sucking properly. It was the most painful thing that I have every dealt with. The silver lining was that when Halli nursed it didn't hurt and I was able to keep the milk factory in business! Eric had a great July as he finished his last class in the MBA program! It is so fantastic that he is done and won't be going to anymore school!!! Now we're just sitting back and waiting for the perfect job that pays lots and lots of money to fall in our laps...isn't that how it works?!

August-This month has been a lot of fun with family walks, pool time in which Halli calls it 'hummin', and a lot of Curious George and Elmo. Zya is growing and sleeping 6-7 hours at night and I feel like I'm in heaven! Halli is working on potty training with her Elmo potty. Halli has really enjoyed having her little 'sissy' and has given her the nickname(unknowingly) of Yiya. She loves having her here and loves the little bit of freedom she gets while I'm nursing. Halli still does love to nurse and now while Zya nurses will come up to me and say 'nummies too?' It's very National Geographic!

The summer has been great and our family is looking forward to fall and the highly anticipated Hoskins reunion! The post following that trip will be amazing!!! I am still trying to figure out how to post pictures on this stupid thing so any help would be great and then you can all see the family growing and hopefully my waistline shrinking!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A real kick below the belt

For the last 6 months I have convinced myself that I was going to deliver Zya Memorial Day weekend. Now my prediction has had no medical backing since my real due date is June 13th. I have been using all of tricks of the "secret" and have pretty much convinced myself that this was the weekend. I went to the doctor today with positive thoughts and an achy nether region and you can imagine my surprise when the doctor told me that I was still a 2. Months of positive thinking did nothing...and all I can say is that the "secret" is a load of crap! I have come to terms with my actual due date and realized that there really is a reason for them. So with this new sunny outlook I have embraced my growing body, I mean I didn't even take my shoes off when I was weighed at the doctors office. I figure the more I weigh now the more I get to lose later...what a fun little game I have set up for myself!

Halli peed in the potty for the first time this week and I couldn't be happier. It's funny how things change; 5 years ago I would never have sent out a mass text about pee in a potty (even though I was living with my brother and it would have been a red letter day if he would actually have peed in the potty) but here I am glowing with pride for my little bug! Halli is getting more and more adventurous by the day. It's not uncommon to find her jumping off the coffee table, or the stairs, or the couch. Her poor little legs are so bruised, I just hope child protective services doesn't come a knocking! She seems to be getting more excited about the baby, she even says between 'nummy' sessions that "baby drink nummies". It's going to be a fun little game to see how well she'll share. If weening doesn't continue to go well I am going to be a full-fledged milking machine! Wish me luck!

Before I mention Eric, I have to say that he wants nothing to do with this blog, he has already told me that he doesn't think I'm funny or clever so I mention him against his will! Eric is one class away from his MBA and we all couldn't be happier! He will be totally done in July. He has worked really hard and our family is lucky to have him! He did get into Pharmacy school but as his MBA classes end the thought of four more years is terrible, so we're hoping that he'll fall into something great (preferably not in Mongolia)!

As May turns into June, wish me luck that this stubborn little babe will actually come!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The day I thought would never come...

My sister-in-law Becky told me that this day would come; the day that I embraced my "crafty" side. Now you may be thinking...typing on a blog isn't so crafty but for me this is as good as it gets. For years I have refused to become part of the "blog" community but one fateful, sleepless night I thought why not?! I even thought of things to write; I was excited to tell Eric all about my new endeavors; his excitement was sub par. I thought that I had a hilarious first post to blow away the blog community and much to my she-grin he didn't share my comedic vision.

I have to apologize to Kate because I know that she is morally against blogs...sorry donk but the mommy gene has taken over my body; that and a good thirty pounds! Now for those who aren't aware I am 8 months pregnant and that is the reason for the thirty pounds just in case any of you where she's really let herself go! The second baby's arrival is rapidly approaching and we couldn't be more excited. We are having another girl...we think. Our first ultrasound we were told that we were having a boy and a month later we were told it was a girl so our fingers are crossed that it's still a girl. If not our poor baby boy will be dressed in pink. Now my actual due date is June 13th but I am determined to make the babe come in May. I have a feeling that with my luck I will be making a post early July still pregnant!!! We have decided to name our baby Zya Kate. (Like Mya but with a Z) Many of you reading this are probably thinking that the name is so weird but let me put your mind to rest by saying that it is very popular in Mongolia; it's like Jennifer over there!

I wish that I could say that Halli is really excited about Zya but if it's not Elmo or the Chipmunks she isn't interested. The only thing that I worry about is the fact that almost 22 month old Halli is still nursing (it's okay, you can let out a shocked gasp). I try to tell her that when the baby comes she'll have to share her "nummies" and she quickly tell me that it's her "nummies". I have a feeling that it is going to be a disaster so wish me luck. The weening process has taken a little longer than anticipated, well to be perfectly honest I have tried about as hard to ween as I tried to graduate from Missouri Valley College...

I have a feeling that as the weeks fly by and the bigger my belly and arms (I was told when I was pregnant with Halli that I "gain weight all over", "look at your arms, they're huge" or my personal favorite "you used to be so thin"...thanks crazy Mary you really helped put my 27 years of self esteem issues to rest) get the better the posts will be.